Think of Grafika Group as an extension of your company. When you come to us with a project, we understand the amount of work behind it because we’ve been on your side of the process. Most importantly, we understand the work that still lies ahead. As we guide your project to completion, you can be confident that the final product will be the start of great things to come.

The company, which later became Avanti-Case-Hoyt, didn’t stay small for long. Backed by Carlos’s emphasis on close-knit customer service paired with the highest standards of quality, it became the largest minority-owned printing company in the U.S. with more than 1200 employees. Throughout the years, Carlos worked in every department of the business, on projects ranging from retail catalogs and annual reports to cruise line and automotive brochures. His move to the sales portion of the business rounded out his intricate knowledge of the entire printing process from start to completion.

Carlos’s approach to production is that of a strategist – by pulling from his deep understanding of the different printing methods such as web and sheetfed and digital, he matches a project’s needs to the most efficient process with the highest quality outcome. He started Grafika Group so that companies looking for added production and printing support would have access to this expertise in every step of the process. After all, even the smallest details can make a huge impact, and Carlos has a history of finishing big.